A Calamity Coyote Christmas is an episode of The Calamity Coyote Show.


Calamity Coyote wants a roadrunner dinner for Christmas and the new "Blast A Road Runner" video game for the Wii system. He has been good all year long except the fact of trying to catch Little Beeper. That day before Christmas he does not bother to chase Beeper. He visits Santa at the Acme Mall and tells him what he wants. Calamity then gets chased by a character who looks like the Grinch. Calamity is saved by Roger Rabbit. At Christmas Calamity and his family (including Wile E. Coyote) all have a roadrunner dinner that Santa brought them and Calamity get his new video game. He plays it with Beeper. The first 9 times Beeper beats him so Calamity keeps practicing and soon he finally beats Beeper.


The Wii is a real video game system.

Also, the Blast A Road Runner video game uses sound effects from the games Q*bert and Pac-Man.