Calamity Coyote was feeling bored, so he decides to visit the Acme Acres Dam. He goes down to the fish veiwing windows to look at all the fish. Just then Little Beeper comes to the dam. He scares Calamity & the coyote chases him up to the dam museum (were they have models of the fish & history of the dam). Then Calamity chases Beeper down the giant stairs. Beeper then throws Calamity into the fish ladders were he gets chased by giant hungry fish. The dam workers see him & launch him out. Calamity tells the workers that Beeper is the one who threw him in the dam. So the workers throw Beeper in the ladders & he gets chased by the fish as Calamity walks home feeling good about himself.


This is the 1st time Calmaity talked.