Calamity s call does not go through by mrjoshbumstead-d6v1wii
Area Coded Coyote is the 5th episode of The Calamity Coyote Show.


Calamity Coyote was at an ice cream place getting a giant chocolate fudge cone. He has just ate half of it when Little Beeper comes by. He knocks the ice cream off the cone and into Cals face. Calamity gets mad and chases Beeper but falls into the river. Cals dad helps him out and takes him back to their house. Cals dad lets him use the telephone to order more Acme props. Calamity dials Acme. He gets a special information tone and a recording telling him to dail in the correct area code. Cal gets upset because he dailed the correct number for Acme and everytime he tries again he gets the same recodring. Cal takes a walk in the Acme Park and sees Beeper running around in the field. Cal uses some playground equitment to try and catch Beeper again. Nothing works. Cal gets out his cell phone to try and call Acme. Beeper laughs at Cal when the SIT tone accured and the coyote bonks the little roadrunner on the head with the phone. Calamity decides to just give up his life if he is not able to call Acme again. No matter how hard he tries to reach Acme he keeps getting SIT tones, recordings and busy signals. He is about to jump off a building but he sees Beeper messing with the phone lines. Beeper has changed the area code in Acme Acres and thats why Calamity's calls to Acme could not go thruogh. Calamity then starts beating up Beeper till the roadrunner is all wounded. Calamity is about to cry as he heads home til Wile E. Coyote asks Cal if he wants an ice cream. Cal says yes and feels better when he and Wiley go out for ice cream.