All the Toons in Acme Acres are still sad after Babs' demise by turning into a puddle. Buster was the most sad because it was his fault. He doesn't know how to revive her. Plucky tells Hamton Buster has been sad since Babs passed away, all because of one big smooch. Dizzy tries to cheer up Buster by eating a dumpster, an oak tree, and a huge truck. Buster is so sad, he didn't pay attention to Dizzy eating the stuff to cheer him up because Buster was still thinking about Babs, kisses, and puddles. Buster goes back to his burrow where Babs' mom is cooking carrot stew. Babs' mom asks what's wrong. Buster says he accidentaly made Babs melt into a puddle by kissing her in a Christmas special. Babs' mom says it's okay and he could get over it. Babs' mom decides to let Mortimer take Babs' place. The next morning, Buster was called to Calamity's laboratory by Calamity on the telephone. Buster walks to the lab. Calamity uses his signs to tell Buster he created a time machine to go back in every year. Buster is glad to hear that. Buster asks Plucky and Hamton to come with him to Calamity's lab to try out the molding machine. Buster, Hamton, and Plucky found the pink puddle which was Babs and poured it into the molding machine. Calamity also put in her clothes and eyes. The molding machine started molding Babs back, and unlike Wile E. Coyote's plans which always fails, Babs comes out of the molding machine without even a scratch. Babs' mom was happy to see her again. Buster, Babs, Hamton, Plucky, Mortimer, Babs' Mom, and Calamity form a group hug. The episode ends.