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Calamity meets Perry the Cucumber

Plucky Duck convinces Calamity Coyote to eat burgers with live crabs in them. Calamity does so which gets Wonder Sally conserend for him. She is conserned that if Calamity contenues to eat live crabs, he might eat other live animals too. So to show that eating live animals is wrong for toons, she has Calamity visit some Christian veggietables known as the VeggieStories (parodies of the VeggieTales). They tell Calamity that God only attended real animals to eat each other, but not toon animals. Calamity goes back to Acme Acres and tells Plucky that he will not eat anymore Crabby Burgers. Plucky contenues do so though which causes the other Tiny Toons to think Plucky is very gross. Plucky desides to quit eating the burgers himself. But when he sees Calamity chasing Little Beeper, he warns him that he is wanting to eat Beeper, a live animal. Calamity tells Plucky that the VeggieStories said nothing about his rekationship with Beeper, and contenues chasing the roadrunner. The VeggieStories hosts Rob the Tomato and Perry the Cucumber arive. Perry scolds Calamity for chasing Beeper. The Coyote tells Perry that he stoped eating the Crabby Burgers, but he does not want to stop chasing Beeper. Perry has a rampage and starts going around eating all the Tiny Toons. Rob tries to stop Perry, but the cucumber eats him too. He tries to eat Calamity, but the coyote tells him that the cucumber is eating live people and that he ate a tomato. Perry starts to cry and asks God for forgiveness, while spitting everyone out. Sally and Calamity are then shown howling at the moon (though Sally is not a coyote, she just wanted to join Calamity when he started howling cheerfully).


Rob the Tomato: Perry, this was not part of the plan. We are supposed to teach kids not to devour people!

(Perry devours Rob)

Fowlmouth: Holy sh-(bleep)! Perry the Cucumber has gone crazy!

Perry the Cucumber: Who are you calling crazy Mr. Rooster!?

Fowlmouth: No, please!

(Perry devours Fowlmouth)

Tiny toon adventures Calamity Coyote and VeggieTales parody

Calamity and the VeggieStories.


This is an episode where Calamity speaks.

This marks the 2nd appearance by Calamity' s friend Wonder Sally. The first was A Friend Indeed.

The VeggieStories are parodies of the VeggieTales, making Rob the Tomato and Perry the Cucumber parodies of Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. Rob and Perry and the other VeggieStories have arms, where as the VeggieTales don't have arms or legs.

The name Crabby Burgers could be a reference to the Krabby Patties from SpongeBob SquarePants.

This is the 2nd episode where Calamity howls like a real coyote.

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