Ed Felineious is a skunk and the father of Ned and Ted Felineious . he is voiced by Jim Cummings


Ed is a caring father who loves his family and is also a martial art expert. He trained Ned and Ted since they were 4. when he not training them, he goes to his job as a TV producer fot Theeville studio.


Ed is shown to be a common black skunk with a white strip. but with his hair comb-back, wearing a short dark green collar shirt, and Khaki pants. When his at work he wear a navy busniess suit with a red tie. and when he's training Ned and Ted, he sports a white GI with a black belt around his wrist.


Ed was born of in a family of Skunks who couldn't create a smelling oder out of him (a accident with his grandfather and grandmother) he took martial arts at the age of 8 after getting beat up by the students and couldn't defene himself since he couldn't predose any smell. During middle school he encounter his future best friend, a dog name Donny. the two does alot of stuff together, such as getting into trouble. pulling pranks, and even fight to defened the weaker students from the bullies. Later in his seinor year in high school, while he and Donny was in detention (after being seen skipping class) the principal, and Donny trying to found a date to the prom, Ed encounter his future girlfriend (and wife) Sasha Stimble, who was in detention for trying to free all the frog in the bio lab. He ask her to the dance, but she rejected him because she was going to the dance with the most respected guy in Theeville: Simon Slicker. That night he tried to go to Sasha's house before Simon could get there, hoping she will change her mind, but she told him no. During the prom Ed was the only guy who was still at the table while everybody was dancing, and just as they were announce the King and Queen, Ed left and decide to walk home. That night while walking on the road home, he encounter Sasha, who picked him up and told him that she should have gone with him instead of Simon. after sharing a happy moment, the two fell in love and became a couple.