ACME Academy Students:

  • Zelda Blackkat: A Sorceress Student and Furrball's Love Interest.
  • Zack Blackkat: Another Magic Student and Zelda's Little Brother.
  • Randall Raccoon: A Despairing Raccoon with Black Magic who is attracted to Mittens the Cat
  • Mittens the Cat: A Gothic Purple Cat and is Furrball's Sister.
  • Serenity Coyote: Wile E. Coyote's Daughter (in some occasions), and also Calamity's Girlfriend.
  • Chaos Coyote: Calamity's Little Brother who wants to be Wile E's Second Protege.
  • Pandora Coyote: Calamity's Elder Sister who Graduated ACME.
  • Crianssa Coyote: A South American Coyote in Love with Chaos Coyote.
  • Bentley Badger: A Shy Badger who is Chaos' Best Friend.
  • Bitty Badger: An Enthusiastic Badger and Her Love Interest is Bentley Badger
  • Runner Siblings: 12 Children of RoadRunner. 7 are Boys, 5 are Girls. one of the girls named Kia Have a Crush on Little Beeper.
  • Pablo Platypus: Beeper's Machinist Amigo.
  • Connie Condor: An Orphaned Green Condor, and Her Soulmate is Concord.
  • Wilbur Owl: The Young 13-Year Old Doctor of ACME Academy.
  • Kuku Dodo: A Yellow Girl Dodo who was Frozen for 400 Years
  • Lester Lynx: A Student Modeled after Pete Puma
  • Lacey Lynx: Another Student Modeled after Pete Puma, and is Lester's Girlfriend
  • Hendine Leghorn: Foghorn's Daughter, and Fowlmouth's Girlfriend.
  • Jaden Jaybird: A Former Perfecto Student, and considers Sweetie to be His Greatest Treasure.
  • Alice the Mouse: An Underconfident Mouse who has Connections with Sneezer.
  • Stripe the Skunk: A Lovey-Dovey Skunk who is Living with Fifi.
  • Guitar Possum: A Rock-n-Roll Possum who Dreams of Having Her Own All-Possum Band. and is Banjo Possum's Love Interest.
  • Richard-kun Devil: The Dizzy's younger brother and her soulmate, is a green Tasmanian Devil (15-years-old)
  • Wonder Sally: A human superhero parody of Wonder Woman and is a close friend of Calamity.
  • Perry the Cucumber: A talking cucumber who convinces Calamity that eating live animals (like Beeper) is a sin. He is a parody of Larry the Cucumber from VeggieTales .
  • Rob the Tomato: A talking tomato who is Perry the Cucumber's assistant and best friend. He is a parody of Bob the Tomato from VeggieTales.

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