Wraparounds Buster and Babs host this episode.
Segments When Kitties Fly: Furrball is tired of Elmyra always squeezing him. Furrball takes a nap on Elmyra's couch. He has a weird dream that he can fly. But unfortunately, he flies all the way up to the sun and melts. That's when Furrball wakes up from his nightmare. Furrball is relieved to see that his dream is over. The Grasshoppers: Plucky and Hamton appear in a parody of The Birds. The segment opens with Plucky and Hamton watching the clouds in a field with tall grass. As they were coming home, a couple of grasshoppers were hopping around. The grasshoppers see an elk. The grasshoppers attack said elk and eat up the carcass in front of Plucky and Hamton. The grasshoppers call the rest of the swarm and start chasing them. Exterminator Calamity uses bug spray on the swarm and they fall to the ground. Plucky and Hamton were so happy that the grasshoppers were gone.                                           The Ears That Got Away: Babs asks Buster on the phone to go out with him. As Buster was getting prepared, his right ear droops on his eye. Buster lifts it back up to the right position. The other ear falls on Buster's left eye and does the same thing to it. Both of his ears droop on his cheeks. Buster gets some ear spray. After Buster sprays his ears, they go back up. Buster reads the back of the can and the can says WHEN USED, DO NOT TOUCH EARS OR ELSE. Buster thinks its nonsense and he touches his ears anyways. When he does, his ears fly away from him. Buster was searching everywhere for his ears. Then he sees Gogo and takes his ears (which are megaphones). He hears that what a person thought looks like a bird that goes into the football stadium. The so-called bird was his ears. Buster manages to get his ears. Buster runs to Babs at the movies. The movie starts. The dinosaur in the movie roars so loud, Buster takes off his ears. The episode ends. NOTE: It's similar to the 2013 Mickey Mouse episode Bad Ear Day.