Hamton knocks on Buster and Babs' door. Hamton asks them to take care of Furrball for him. Buster and Babs agreed. Hamton leaves a list for taking care of Furrball. Buster feeds Furrball. Furrball thinks the food tasted good. It didn't go well when Babs was trying to give Furrball his bath. Now, cats don't like water, and Furrball is a cat. When Babs tried to dip Furrball in the tub, Furrball runs out of her hands. Buster and Babs chases Furrball. Buster tells Babs that they should split up to chase Furrball easier. Babs sees Furrball lying down in a flower field. Babs tries to sneak up on him, but Furrball knew he was being stalked. Furrball runs away from her. Babs tries to catch him, but misses and falls off of a cliff. She lands in a cold lake. Buster wants to catch Furrball with a net. Furrball was hiding in a trash can.