Wraparounds Buster, Babs, and Plucky host this episode.
Sled Day Hamton dreams about sledding down a mountain with the peak covered in snow. Plucky wakes up Hamton letting him know there is snow outside. Hamton dresses up in his snow clothes and Buster does the same thing. Plucky's snow clothes was his Plucky the red-beaked reinduck costume and Babs' snow clothes was her Cher outfit. Calamity shows Buster, Hamton, Plucky, and Babs how to sled and they sing a song (which is a parody of Sledding Higgly Hill from Higglytown Heroes) about how fun sledding is. Just then, they encounter a snowball-wielding abominable snowman. The toons and the abominable snowman have a snowball fight. Buster, Babs, Hamton, and Plucky hop on Calamity's sled and they sled away from the monster, but sled off of a cliff. Just then, familiar jingle bells can be heard. Just then, the toons look up and see eight flying reindeer leading  a big sleigh which was driven by Santa Claus. Santa picks up the toons in his sleigh. Then, Santa takes the toons back to the snow hill. Hamton tells Santa to go sledding with them. Santa agrees to go sledding with the toons. The segment ends.
The Halloween House Buster is dressed up as a jack-o-lantern. Plucky is dressed up as a skeleton. Babs is dressed up as Jessica Rabbit. Dizzy is dressed up as a ghost. Buster, Plucky, Babs, and Dizzy were dressed up like that because they were doing the most important part of Halloween: Going trick or treating! Meanwhile, Calamity and Hamton were in a haunted house setting up a Halloween prank. The prank included fake remote control rats, spiders, and bats, a CD that has Halloween sounds, a ghost costume for Hamton, huge monster feet for Calamity, and chains. It was 9:30 p.m. and everything was finally ready. Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Dizzy had split up to rooms in the house. Buster walked towards the old couch in the sitting room. Then, he heard loud footsteps coming from the closet. Calamity runs out of the closet and shuts it. When Buster came to the closet door and opened it, a bunch of stuff topples on top of Buster. Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Dizzy was having trouble seeing with dusty eyeholes in his costume. When he wiped the dust off, he saw his reflection which was actually Hamton in his ghost costume standing in a broken mirror. Hamton kept copying everything Dizzy did, until Hamton pulls out a chainsaw and scares Dizzy. He ran out of the bedroom, but then tumbles down the stairs. Meanwhile, Babs was sitting near a table in the kitchen. She could hear spooky sounds coming from the kitchen like spoons rattling, the wind blowing, and a stabbing knife. Babs tiptoes towards a breadbox. When she opens it, a remote control spider leaped out and chased her through the house. The last victim to be scared was Plucky Duck. Plucky was sitting in the corner of the grimy bathtub in the bathroom. He got uncomfortable and got up, but when he did, remote-control bats crashed through the window. Under the swarm of bats, he could see monster feet walking towards him. He runs out when he hears a ghostly wail. The four met up at the main room. Hamton and Calamity got one more trick up their sleeves. Hamton (dressed up as a ghost) moves towards them with Calamity's head poking out, making the Toons think that the ghost had ate Calamity. They ran out of the house being chased by spiders, bats, and rats. Hamton and Calamity ran out of the house too when they saw a monster, but it was Furrball with a pumpkin stuck on his head.
Tuesday for Toons

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