The episode begins with Concord telling Plucky and Shirley about how Concord survived in the African savannah before he realized he can fly. Buster and Babs were overhearing the talk. Just then, when Buster and Babs turn around, they see a black wild horse. Concord tells Plucky and Shirley how he got dragged out of his sleeping place by a lion. Concord has followed the tracks to find many different animals of the savannah. Buster and Babs decide to be trackers like Concord was. They pretended they were in Africa. Buster and Babs have to follow the tracks to find a zebra (actually the horse that Buster and Babs saw). The camera cuts to Shirley talking to Plucky at Plucky's house. Plucky knows it was his day off today and decides to take Shirley with him. Buster and Babs were searching for the horse everywhere. During the search, Buster pretended Furrball was a lion sleeping in the sun. Buster and Babs goes to Acme Lake to search for the horse. The camera cuts to Plucky waiting outside the closet for Shirley. Shirley comes out wearing a sparkly, shiny, purple dress. Plucky didn't want Shirley to wear that dress because he was going deer hunting. Buster and Babs are behind a tree just to not scare the horse away. The horse was prancing around a bush where Plucky and Shirley were hiding. Plucky was trying to shoot a white tailed deer.