More Furrball Follies is a sequel episode to the episode Furrball Follies. Unlike Furrball Follies, which showcases Furrball's attempts to find a new home, this one just shows random stories starring him.

Segments Edit

Name of Segment Plot
For Fox Sake While relaxing in the park, Furrball is soon met by a hungry fox who then begins to chase him. And to make matters worse for him, every hiding spot that he takes is occupied by Fifi La Fume. Eventually, in the end, the cat manages to outsmart his foxy predator by leading him into a fox-hunting area, causing him to get shot offscreen.
Fur E. Coyote Furrball attempts to catch Sweetie Bird by using Wile E. Coyote-esque traps, which constantly backfire on him. After all of his traps fail, he just decides to chase Sweetie on a pair of ACME Rocket-Powered Skates, which causes their chase to wind up in the desert, even encountering a cameo appearance by Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner. Furrball then loses control of his rocket skates and ends up slamming into a passing truck, while Sweetie taunts him by mimicking the Road Runner.
Cough Up a Furrball Furrball is taken to the hospital when his owner, Elmyra Duff, finds him coughing up a bunch of hairballs.

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