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Perry and Calamity Coyote

Perry the Cucumber is a member of the VeggieStories, parodies of the VeggieTales making Perry a parody of the VeggieTales character Larry the Cucumber. He appears in the episode Crabby Burgers. He is voiced by Frank Welker.


Perry is a giant green, human sized, talking cucumber with Daffy Duck like eyes, a little round nose, and a mouth with a buck tooth. He along with his best friend Rob the Tomato, and the other VeggieStories, have arms, where as the VeggieTales don't have arms or legs.


Crabby Burgers: Unable to make Calamity Coyote stop eating burgers with live crabs in them, Wonder Sally called the VeggieStories for help. They tell Calamity that eating live animals is a sin and that God does not want him to sin. After that Calamity stopped eating the crabby burgers. But when Calamity starts chasing Little Beeper again, Plucky Duck reminds him that the coyote said he would never eat a live animal again. Calamity says that roadrunners don't count. At that moment Rob and Perry arrive and Perry scolds Calamity for trying to devour Beeper. When Calamity says he will never stop chasing Beeper, Perry goes on an angry rampage devouring many of the Tiny Toons, and even Rob. Perry is about to devour Calamity, but the cucumber realized that he was devouring live animals. Perry starts crying, while spitting everyone out, and asking God for forgiveness.

Tiny toon adventures Calamity Coyote and VeggieTales parody

Perry, Calamity, and the other VeggieStories.

Larry the Cucumber grabs Calamity Coyote VeggieTales parody

Perry grabs Calamity

Tiny Toon Adventures VeggieTales parody

Calamity caught.