Sid Slick is a anti-hero, who appears the trilogy sid slicker cartoons. He is voiced by Billy West.


Sid appears as a common black fur cat, but wears a black t-shirt. Also his feet are black while his hands are white.


He first appeared in the warparound of the first Sid Slicker cartoon where Buster and Babs introduce him to the viewers. he told the viewers that he saved the head producer's life and was given a 7 part cartoon contract, in which he wrote himself. As Babs read the first cartoon, she was shocked and disgused about it and thinks it was a bad cartoon, But Sid told her that he doesn't care and told the viewers to watch his first cartoon. In his first comment "Right to Hunt" it was his 15th birthday and his father (who was the head of the clan) told him that to gain his manhood, Sid must pass one of three tasks; Climb Acme Acres Mountain with his tail wrapped around his eyes, defeating two famous people (his dad favorite) or eat a purple skunk, in which Sid chose the third one. His father told him that no one has ever chose #3 in years, in fact it's the only test that no one has every picked and sid was the first and only one. Sid also promise to bring the purple skunk back to the village and eat it infront of the clan. 


  • In Sid's clan, There are 3 task that would allow him to be a man.
    • Climb Acme Acres Mountains with his tail wrap around his eyes
    • Defeat 2 famous people in battle
    • Eat a Purple Skunk (which was later revealed to be Shunk)