This episode is similar to Tiny Toon Adventures: Night Ghoulery.

Whale Hunt The episode begins with the title card with Hamton's head wearing a headress when the words The Mutual of Toonmaha's Animal Kingdom appears next to it. The screen cuts to Buster dressed up as an explorer. As he was talking, he gets interuppted three times by Babs wearing her Tarzan outfit swinging on a vine. Buster introduces the audience to an orca (killer whale). Just then, Babs swings into the orca's mouth. Babs comes out and asks that the show started yet. The segment Whale Hunt begins with something lurking in the ocean. The camera zooms in closer and it reveals Shirley the Loon swimming. Fowlmouth was fishing in the same ocean. Shirley panics when she notices a large animal in the ocean. She runs out and goes onto the shore. Fowlmouth wonders where she is. A tail of the large animal smashes the fishing boat. Fowlmouth runs onto the shore screaming while the camera zooms into his mouth. Then it zooms out of the mouth of Plucky screaming about the accident. Buster and Babs tell Plucky to snap out of it. Shirley and Fowlmouth walk onto the stage and tell them how they got away and show what almost killed them: a female orca. The audience gasps. Buster decides they should go capture the beast. Calamity invented a harpoon that shoots any object. Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Calamity get on the ship. Later, when if they were never going to get the whale, a red blinking light is moving towards the ship on the emergency beacon. It was the killer whale. It eats up Calamity. Buster, Babs, and Plucky scream. Babs tells Buster to take care of the harpoon. As the whale comes closer, and closer, and closer, Buster starts sputtering nervously. Just then, the whale stops because she thinks Buster's sputtering was a mating call. Buster keeps sputtering before he shoots the whale after Calamity gets out of the blowhole. At the end, the male orca is near the ship and looks angry. As the circle closes in on Buster, a harpoon shooting is heard.

Gogo Dodo and Calamity Coyote are making a cake. When they realize they are out of milk, Calamity and Gogo get into their car and drive to the farm. There are cows at the farm. They sneak quietly to the cow to try to get some milk from it, but the cow accidentaly swats them away with her tail as she was trying to swat a fly. Calamity and Gogo slam into an apple tree. Lots of apples fall on them. Calamity decides to make a milking machine. He attaches the machine to the cow and he turns it on. As the machine filled halfway, Gogo accidentally falls on the switch, setting it to high. The milking machine started yanking on the cow's udders. The cow moos in pain, alerting the bull in the herd. Calamity takes the milk machine and runs off with it with Gogo. Calamity and Gogo hide in a barn. The bull is looking around in the barn. Calamity and Gogo are disguised as a horse with the milk machine. When Calamity pushes the milk machine and Gogo out of the stable, their disguise falls apart. They run out of the barn and hide in some haystacks. A herd of hungry goats and pigs eat up the haystack and once again, Calamity and Gogo run away from the bull. The herd of goats was blocking the bull's way. Calamity ties the milk machine to their car. They drive away from the farm and back home. They successfully make their cake. The cows, the horses, the goats, and the pigs come to their house because they want cake too. Calamity and Gogo give them slices of cake.

Furrball the Tiger

Furrball is taking a nap on the windowsill. He opens his eyes and sees Hamton taking some delicious chicken out of the oven. Furrball walks towards Hamton. Hamton gives Furrball a small piece of steak. Furrball eats it, but he wants more. He sees a nature documentary on TV about tigers. Just then, Furrball gets an idea. He paints himself as a tiger. Furrball sneaks downstairs, imagining himself sneaking through the long grass. He spots his prey, a steak on a plate. Perfectly timing, Furrball lets out a roar and pounces at the steak. Hamton runs off as Furrball leaps towards his plate, thinking he is a real tiger. He hiding in the toolshed, scared of the tiger. After Furrball has finished eating his steak, he remembers how scared Hamton was. He goes outside, looking for Hamton. He hears him shivering in fear in the toolshed. He sneaks to the toolshed, waiting for him to open it. Hamton thinks that the tiger is gone. He opens up the toolshed and Furrball roars at him. Hamton shuts the door quickly. Just then, Furrball decides to terrorize the entire town with his tiger disguise. He goes into town, scaring everyone with his roaring. He goes into the grocery store, taking some meat and brings it back home. Hamton is inside his toolshed wearing armor and holding a mop. He opens the door to beat up the tiger, but Buster, Babs, and Plucky are outside, so he accidentally hits Plucky. Hamton tells them that there is a tiger. Buster, Babs, and Plucky decide to help him. They go to Hamton's house. Hamton shows them the tiger inside his house.

Gator Squad As a reality show, Plucky and Hamton, as Gator Squad, track down and capture alligators in Florida.
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