(The episode begins with Buster dressed up in a tuxedo introducing himself to the audience.)
Buster: Hello there, everyone! I'm Buster from Tiny Toon Adventures! Welcome to the very first episode of the 4th season which you can only watch and other episodes on the Youtube channel with our personal home, Animation Corner, unlike the previous seasons. But you can only watch the episodes from the previous seasons on The Hub Network! Oh, and before I forget... Remember I said previous seasons? Well, I am going to show you some edited clips from episodes of the previous seasons! Oh, and the last clip is something that really just happened.
(The camera zooms out to reveal a large white sign that says Tiny Toon Adventures Episodes in bold blue print. Plucky tries to put a brown wooden sign that says WITH CHANGES in bold red print by using a cherrypicker that Calamity was driving. Just then, the cherrypicker starts malfunctioning. Smoke comes out of the engine and oil leaks from it.)
Plucky: Wooooaaaaahhh! (falls off of cherrypicker) YAAAAAAGGHH! (crashes between floorboards) Hey Buster, is the with changes sign in the right place?
Buster: Umm... I think you should move it over to the right.
Plucky: Huh? (sees the WITH CHANGES sign on the bottom left instead of the bottom right) D'OH!
(Cuts to the title card that says Tiny Toon Adventures Episodes With Changes which was written in pencil on notebook paper with a pencil on it. Then a black background appears with The Acme Acres Zone on bold white print on the background.)
Hamton: Fifty feet from home and not a soul in sight! So the nightmare ends! (walks into his house) (relieved sigh) Sty, sweet sty.
(When Hamton turns on the lights, the Babs, Buster, Furrball, Plucky, Fifi, Sweetie, and Little Beeper were throwing a surprise party for Hamton.)
Toons: SURPRISE! (all gasp) (screaming)
(Buster pops up interrupting the toons' screaming.)
Buster: You really didn't see that coming. And you thought there would be no new things in the episode, did you? And just so you know, me and Plucky will keep interrupting this episode as a running gag.
(Cuts to Babs' sense of humor running away.)
Hamton: Oh my gosh, Babs! I think you've lost your sense of humor!
Calamity: (holds up a sign that says AND I THINK YOU LOST YOUR CLOTHES TOO!)
(Hamton and Calamity see Babs as a nerd.)
Babs: That's absurd, Hamton. You're always exaggerating.
(The black background appears again. Only this time, Buster and the Wolverine appears in bold white print.)
Elmyra: So... (singing) Good evening friends!
(Grand finale music plays which has trumpets, clarinets, violins, and bass drums.)
(The black background appears once again with Fairy Tales for the 90's in bold white print.)
Buster: And so the 3 bears lived happily ever after. Well not exactly happily, but in a climate-controlled professionally managed coexistence. (cuts to Buster holding the book.) The end. Thank you for watching today's show! Good-bye!
(Babs as Tinkerbunny flies on a rope and crashes to the ground.)
Babs: Aaaaahhh! (crash) How was my Tinkerbunny imatation, Buster?
(The black background appears with Life in the 90's in bold white print.)
Buster: Mesquite grilled fadico? Goat cheese sashimi? Is this food?
Hamton: I'm not sure, but it sounds tasty.
Plucky: Maybe the waiter can translate this. Whoops! He's escaped!
Babs: I think we'll need a little celebrity pull to get some decent service around here! (dresses up as Cher)
Buster: Let me guess. Barbara Bush?
Babs: Close enough. (clears her voice) (in Cher's voice) Oh! If you see a waiter, tell him he's got me, babe.
Waiter #1: Cher?
Waiter #2: Cher?
Waiter #3: Cher?
Waiter #4: Cher?
(The black background appears again with Weirdest Story Ever Told in bold white print.)
Elmyra: (singing) In Australia where they say G'day, Elmyra's cousin catches bunnies the boomerang way. In Alaska where it's froze from a rabbit on the nose, Elmyra's round the world! Welcome to Elmyra's world, welcome to Elmyra's world, welcome to Elmyra's world, welcome to... my world!
(The black background appears with No Toon is an Island in bold white print.)
Babs: Aaaaarrggggh! Storm brewin' up the port bow, captain!
Buster: Quick! Get the lifejackets! Get the bilge pumps!
Plucky: Get the alka seltzer.
(The storm starts with lightning bolts striking the sky. Just then, the ghost of a sunken pirate ship appears.)
Hamton: What is that?
Buster: Well, it's not the love boat.
(The ghost ship gets much closer to the S. S. Tiny Tub.)
Hamton: Buster, look out!
(Buster steers the boat around the ghost ship. Just then, the ghost of the captain appears.)
Ghost Pirate: Turn back! Steer clear of Booty Island! Less the green-eyed monster get ye!
(The ghost ship dissapears, but the storm is still there. Just then, Plucky and Buster interrupt the episode proving that Buster was correct.)
Plucky: Wait a minute, Buster! When will there be an edit? I don't see anything edited for a million miles away!
Buster: Don't worry, Plucky. The edited moment will be here any second.
(A wave approches the S. S. Tiny Tub.)
Hamton: Oh no, Buster! A giant wave!
(The wave knocks over the boat and the sea creatures and the toons fall in the ocean getting tossed around like they were in a salad. The camera fades to black and then it fades to Booty Island. It was quiet just for 6 seconds. Just then, the wave washes up the boat, Buster, Plucky, Babs, and Hamton on the island. Plucky and the rest get up.)
Plucky: Gee. It's a good thing we're on land.
Buster: Hey! Nice digs!
(Cuts to 14:04)
Hamton: (sighs)
Buster: It was just a dream!
Babs: Hey! My treasure's gone!
Plucky: (gasps) Mine's gone too!
Babs: Well one thing's no dream! (her eyes turn green) Somebody here is a thief!
Hamton: Babs, have you noticed you looked like the green-eyed monster?
Babs: Oh. I guess I did.
(Hamton and Babs go back to scowling at Buster. The screen fades to black than it fades to Buster running with the treasure bag at 14:50.)
Buster: They'll never get their greedy paws on my treasure, because... IT'S MINE! (sees the rest chasing after Buster and runs away.)
(As Buster tries to run away with the treasure, Babs, out of nowhere, swings on a vine wearing a Tarzan outfit stealing the treasure and yelling...)
Buster: NOW it's personal!
Babs: It's all mine!
Plucky: Think again, jungle woman! I'm rich! I'M RICH! I'm... I'm upside-down!
(The treasure falls into the bag that Hamton is holding)
Hamton: A trickle down theory!
(Just then, when Hamton walks away with the treasure, he sees Buster on his left, and on his right, it's Babs... still wearing her Tarzan outfit. Just then, Buster pops up interrupting once again.)
Buster: See Babs? You can see she's still wearing that outfit.
(A red arrow appears pointing at Babs while Buster says the above quote. Buster walks away and the cartoon plays.)
Buster: YAHOO! I'll stop that varmint!
(Buster uses his lasso to make Hamton trip, causing to drop the treasure. The treasure lands on Plucky. Plucky is wearing a king's hat holding a mirror. Buster and Hamton tie up the top of the treasure bag, then they scowl at each other. Babs digs a tunnel to take the treasure with her. Then a rock blocks the way. Babs (still wearing her Tarzan outfit) tries to pull out the treasure, but Plucky pops out, scaring Babs.
Babs: (screams)
(Plucky tries to take the treasure, but Buster uses a knife to cut the bag open to get the treasure into his bag of treasure. Plucky flies out landing on the ground. Just then, Plucky sees Babs (still wearing her Tarzan outfit) angrily approching to Plucky.)
Plucky: Mama!
(Tarzan Babs grabs Plucky by the throat and lets him go. Then Babs uses her club to whack Plucky. But Babs drags Plucky out of the screen, and she hits Plucky offscreen. Then Tarzan Babs walks out with a snapped club and throws it to the ground behind her. Buster and Hamton were tugging on the treasure bag but Hamton accidentaly throws it on Tarzan Babs. Hamton picks the treasure off of her and she streches out like an accordion. As Plucky attempts to steal the treasure from Hamton, he gets squashed by Hamton. Then Plucky gets squashed by Buster, then Tarzan Babs. Hamton leaps into a bush and Tarzan Babs and Buster leap in the bush to fight. Plucky walks over to the bush.)
Plucky: Hands off the treasure or you'll be dealing with me!
(Plucky jumps into the bush, but then he gets thrown out. Plucky lands on the ground with his head stuck in the ground.)
Plucky: Huh? (tries to get his head out) Oh, of course my head is stuck in the ground.
(The screen cuts to Buster, Babs (still wearing her Tarzan outfit), and Hamton fighting in the bush. The X-Bird walks to the bush and snatches the treasure with its beak.)
X-Bird: X! X!
(The toons (except Plucky) were fighting in the bush, but notice that the treasure was gone.)
Buster: Hey! The treasure! It's gone!
Hamton: But that's impossible!
Buster: No, that's impossible.
(Cuts to Plucky with his head still stuck in the ground.)
Plucky: This (grunt) dirt must be (grunts again) made out of glue!
Hamton: (sees a necklace) Treasure! And it's all mine!
Buster and Babs: NO! MINE!
(Hamton, Tarzan Babs, and Buster were tugging on the necklace. Just then, the X-Bird runs into the fight and snatches the necklace with its beak.)
Babs: Quick! It's getting away!
Buster: Follow that bird!
(Buster, Babs, and Hamton chase after the X-Bird. Meanwhile, Plucky was still trying to get his head out of the ground.)
Plucky: Almost... there! (gets his head out of the ground) Yes! I did... huh? What's going on? (sees the X-Bird running past him) Oh. It's you.
Babs: Plucky! Watch out!
(Plucky runs away from Tarzan Babs, Hamton, and Buster.  Plucky stops near a short hill. Plucky tries to get away again when he sees his friends.)
(The toons collided into Plucky rolling down the hill. The X-Bird looks down at the toons. The camera pans down to the toons piled up. The X-Bird turns around and runs to a volcano.)
Buster: It's not too late, guys!
(The toons and the X-Bird run up the volcano. The X-Bird was making a nest out of the toons' treasure.)
X-Bird: X! X!
Babs: That bird stole the treasure!
Hamton: And we were blaming each other!
Plucky: Well, that solves that!
Babs: Don't worry guys. I'll convince that bird to get off of this mountain and give us back our treasure.
(Tarzan Babs walks up to the X-Bird to convince it to get off of the volcano.)
Babs: Listen here, bird! Get off of this mountain and give us back our treasure!
X-Bird: X?
Babs: No, no, no! We want you to get off of the mountain right now to give us back our treasure!
(The X-Bird gives Babs a confused look. Babs walks down to her friends.)
Babs: Well, that didn't work.
(The so-called mountain starts rumbling.)
Buster: Well, it should've worked.  And it built its nest in the wrong place. And it's not a mountain. I... I think it's a...
(The volcano shoots smoke under the X-Bird's nest.)
(The volcano shoots out smoke while rumbling. Then it erupts under the X-Bird's nest.)
X-Bird: X!
(Cuts to the volcano erupting lava. The toons were catching the raining treasure. The X-Bird lands on Plucky.)
Plucky: Great. They get the jewels, and I get this turkey.
(The lava slides down the volcano.)
(Plucky carries the X-Bird. The lava comes in closer. Plucky runs away with the X-Bird. Buster, Hamton and Tarzan Babs notice to ride on the X-Bird.)
X-Bird: X! X! X! X!
(The toons ride on the X-Bird.)
Buster: Hey! This is the only way to travel!
(Plucky was under the bird.)
Plucky: That's easy for you to say! Give me a hand up will ya... pal?
(Buster grabs Plucky up onto the X-Bird. As soon as the X-Bird was almost at the boat, it sees a rock it was about to trip over. The X-Bird then trips over the rock.)
X-Bird: X!
(The X-Bird does not notice he dumped Buster, Plucky, Hamton, and the treasure chests behind it and threw Babs (still wearing her Tarzan outfit) into a bush offscreen. Cuts to the X-Bird running onto the S. S. Tiny Tub.)
Plucky: I can't believe that happened to us.
Buster: Hey! Does anybody know where Babs is?
Hamton and Plucky: We don't know where she is.
Hamton: Buster, look! The lava's coming towards us!
Plucky: Well, it's time to say farewell, Acme Acres.
(Cuts to Buster, Hamton, and Plucky holding onto the treasure chests . Just then, out of nowhere, Tarzan Babs swings on her vine again while yelling the below quote while saving Buster, Hamton, Plucky, and the treasure.)
Hamton: Hey! We're alive!
Plucky: Wait a minute. Who saved us?
(Plucky, Hamton, and Buster look up to see Babs had saved them.)
Toons: Babs!
Babs: I seen you needed help, so I decided to swing in.
(Tarzan Babs and the toons land on the ground near the S. S. Tiny Tub.)
Plucky: I think you were wrong, Buster. Vine swinging is the other way to travel on this island.
Buster: Well guys, let's just get on the boat with the treasure and go home.
Babs: Home?

(Babs wasn't ready to go home just about yet. Babs runs up a cliff near the edge of the island. She makes a complete reference to a Pinky and the Brain episode (Welcome to the Jungle) while Serengeti Escape from Arthur Christmas (the part where the animals are flying) plays in the background.)

Babs: Why... Buster Bunny!  This is home. Here on this island. I never felt so free and alive before.
Plucky: Um... Babs, I really hate to interrupt your cultural reference from the other show created by Warner Brothers, but the lava is getting closer.
(Cuts to the lava sliding down closer.)
Babs: Oh. Right.
(The toons run onto the S. S. Tiny Tub.)
Buster: Hoist anchor! Cast off!
(The boat sails away from the island. Cuts to Buster and Babs who is no longer wearing her Tarzan outfit, but her hula outfit.)
Buster: We made it!
Babs: Beggin' the captain's pardon, but I wouldn't be so sure!
(The S. S. Tiny Tub was flooded.)
Buster: YIKES!
(Buster and Babs start throwing out the water off of the boat and back into the ocean.)
Buster: We're too heavy! We have to throw something overboard!
Plucky: Sorry, pal. But you heard the captain.
X-Bird: X?
Plucky: Well what else is there to throw overboard? The treasure? OH NO! Not the treasure! Anything but the treasure! On the other hand, HELP!
(Everybody throws the treasure off of the boat.)
Plucky: (crying) And I was going to be such a nice, rich guy.
X-Bird: X?
Plucky: Well this little trip was a big bust. We lost the treasure and we didn't even see the green-eyed monster.
Buster: I think we saw 4 green-eyed monsters.
Plucky: Yeah? Where? We can sell them to the zoo for big bucks!
Babs: No, Plucky. We were the green-eyed monsters when we got too jealous and greedy.
Hamton: And your eyes turned green, Babs.
Babs: You must be right, Hamton.
Hamton: Let's promise to never be like that again.
(Cuts to a far view of the boat. Buster and Plucky interrupt once again.)
Plucky: Wow. That was the longest edit I've ever seen. Gee, Buster. I should put that in the Book of World Records.
Buster: I just wanted to see me, you and my friends keep the Tiny Tub from sinking.
Plucky: Big Person Are Coming Big Person Are Coming
Furball: What's The Matter Plucky
Buster: Hang On Where's Babs
Hamton: Here She Comes Quick Hide