These two bumpers are for the first episode of the fourth season, Tiny Toon Adventures Episodes (with changes).

Bumper 1: Masterpiece Theater
Plucky: (in a British accent) Hello there. I am Plucky and I am here to show you today's episode of Masterpiece Theater.
(Cuts to the Acme Acres Zone with Babs' sense of humor running away.)
Plucky: First we'll be showing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (cuts to Buster and the Wolverine) Then we'll show you Peter and the Wolf.
Wolverine: (growls)
Plucky: And then enjoy this story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
(Cuts to an unhappy Papa Bear in a bear cage.)

Papa Bear: I hate this Goldilocks story and I always will!

Plucky: Then, a short history of the Civil War (Hamton's house explodes) And finally, we'll be showing Where the Wild Things Are.
(Cuts back to Plucky.)
Plucky: So there you have it. (normal voice) And it's all going to be in the first episode of the fourth season. Coming soon to Animation Corner!
Bumper 2: Screaming Toons
Announcer: It's finally here! Today is the first episode of the fourth season you've been waiting for. And boy, there will be a lot of screaming! Just listen.
(Beethoven's Ode to Joy (chorus version) plays in a montage of clips of toons screaming from the new episode.)
Plucky: (falls off of cherrypicker) YAAAAAAGGHH!
Toons: SURPRISE! (all gasp) (screaming)
Babs: (as Tinkerbunny) Aaaaahhh! (crash)
Babs: (as Cher) OH!
Babs: (gets scared by Plucky) (screams)
Plucky: D'OH!
Buster: (after Elmyra getting too many questions wrong) (screams angrily)
(Cuts to a dark blue background with light blue squares