Water Park Banzi is the 3rd episode of The Calamity Coyote Show.


It is a hot summer day. Calamity Coyote was at home feeling bored and is too hot to do anything. Just then Calamity's dad walks in and asks if he wants to go to a water park. Calamity says "Yes" and off they go. The water park they go to is an indoor water park in Acme Acres called "Acme Reef." It has 6 big slides (one of them is a tornado slide), a wave pool, hot tub and it has a giant bucket that dumps water on people. When they arrive Cal goes down a few of the big slides. He then sees Little Beeper. He chases Beeper through the wave pool for a wile. Then he chases Beeper up to the big slides were Plucky Duck dares Calamity to go down the tornado slide. Calamity says "There is no way I am going on that thing!" Mary Melody who was about to go down one slide says" Theres nothing to worry about Calamity. Its just a slide." Calamity says "Ok" and goes down the tornado slide. Calamity is happy until he hits the tornado part. Calamity starts crying and screaming "HEELPPP!!!!!" Calamity stopped crying when he hit the bottom and be vomits in Beepers mouth. Beeper swallows Calamity's barf and runs off with a "Meep, meep!" Calamity gives up on chasing Beeper and lays in the hot tub wile singing the song "Build Me Up Buttercup". When he is done singing he decides to go on the more safer slides as Beeper heads home.